Saturday, June 18, 2011

On the Move Again (Almost)

June 18, 2011

As I was perched on one of my chosen benches in 
Parke Calderone today…it came to mind that 
I hadn’t written anything in quite some time. 
Well, nothing has really happened with the 
exception of my recent trip back to Thailand.

So…I rushed back to my apartemento and 
started writing. This is the result. 

I know…I know…Exciting isn’t it? :) :)

Just as a tiny refresher…my latest trip to Thailand…
occurred about 2 months ago and lasted a whole the Land of Smiles.

For those who do not know (even though I 
mentioned this in my last Blog)…I have decided 
to return once again (this time to stay) to Thailand… 
specifically Chiang Mai.

The reasons (3 major) are few but for me…
powerful (forgive me if I am repeating myself 
from the previous Blog).

The reason(s)…
Wine…Women…and Song…Just Kidding :) :)

No…the real reason(s) for me are the following:

Firstly…is the Weather. Yes it’s eternal spring in 
Cuenca…which by the way… is located “high” in 
the Andes (elevation 8500 ft). This keeps the weather 
(depending on each of the two seasons) in the low 
40F’s [at night] to mid 70F’s [mid afternoon] on a 
daily basis. 

Now… for most folks this would be ideal. 
For someone (like yours truly)…who because of 
my ten (10) “beach living” years in S. Florida 
and three (3) years in Thailand…not so ideal.
In fact…mornings and especially evenings…
it is Downright Chilly (if not cold).

Yes it’s warm to hot in Thailand year-round but…
I’ll take that over being chilled and/or cold 
anytime…"more my speed".

Scondly…is the food. I’ve said this many times 
before so…forgive me if you feel I’m repeating 
myself (I am). Nobody…Not Anywhere and at 
Anytime…can even come close to the Taste of 
Thai Food. That by the way…also includes 
multitudes of fresh fruits and vegetables that one 
can stand. ‘Nuff said!

Thirdly: (but definitely not least)…and remember…
me being a single guy…are the Thai Women
Once again…’Nuff Said!

So there you have it…my three (3) main reasons 
for returning to “LOS” (Land of Smiles). Now…
don’t get me wrong…as there are many more 
reasons than the three I just mentioned.

The following is a gentle touch on this 
“incomplete” list of reasons. 

I would need to first mention…the easy 
going and smiling Thai peoples…the simple 
life-styles…the plethora of entertainment…
”in” and “nearby” country travels…the 
availability of modern goods…foodstuffs etc. 
This along with many and varied venues of 
entertainment…world class (and very low cost
medical treatment…and you may now...
understand some of the reasons for my deciding 
to return to Thailand…specifically Chiang Mai.    
On my way:
In my last writing...I mentioned that I had not yet 
made any concrete dates for my return. 
Obviously that has now changed.

For those interested…I will be leaving Cuenca 
on September 1st…leaving Ecuador on 
September 2nd and then…spending time with 
family and friends in South Florida for a week. 

After my Florida fling…it’s back on the plane 
to Upstate and Downstate New York for more 
family. This will encompass a few days and then 
back in the air and…onward too Chiang Mai, 
Thailand via Inchon, S. Korea.

What Next?
As my mind is always thinking ahead…it hit 
me that (and this is extremely important!)...
I need to settle on a “New Title” for my Blog 
(told you it was important) :)  
Something tells me that “A Single Expat in 
Cuenca”...when I’m going to be living in 
Thailand…well…just won’t cut it.

So…now comes the real work. If you think 
coming up with a good solid title is easy…
well…plain and simple…It Is Not and…
not by a long shot! So…I‘m throwing this 
out to anyone who is interested in assisting me… 
in my quest for a new title. No…I’m not 
promising I’ll use your suggestion but…
maybe :)

Oh yes…for those that may be looking for 
compensation re: the above…let me say this 
now and upfront and in a friendly way. 
Ain’t No Way No How! Plain enough? 

That said...
all your suggestions will be welcomed!

Back in Cuenca
As of now…I’m basically living in limbo. 
Some (not all) of my compadres in Cuenca 
know of my upcoming re-expatriating to 
Thailand. That said…word (I believe) is 
spreading rapidly. This is after all…
a fairly small Gringo community.

One of my personal grievances here in 
Cuenca and a fairly strong reason behind my 
move (no…its not a big deal) is finding things 
to do along with other people (many married 
couples...which complicates things). This…
has never been easy. I personally like to be able 
to share experiences. 
Where’s the fun in sightseeing solo?

So…for now I am biding my time and “just” 
starting to think of putting items up for sale…
thinking of pre-packing luggage (YUK) and…
a few thousand other small things that need 
to be addressed.

Rest assured that when things start popping 
and I have some news for you…I will 
definitely “wind up my thinking cap” and 
send off a new…updated Blog.

BTW…Please (and seriously)…
if anyone has a title suggestion for my Blog…
for when I’m residing in Thailand…
please let me knowWho knows…
maybe one day you can tell your friends that...
my Blog title was your idea. 
Now…wouldn’t that make you feel “special” ? :) 

Until next time…Have a great day J


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