Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

The latest “update” re: my "wheel-less" situation!

If anything…things have degenerated into…me not
[yet another day] doing much of anything unless it 
involves“foot-power”. All…however is not lost as Jill will 
be free from her professional environment and will be 
home Saturday afternoon and through Sunday.

So for now...the plan is to go to various places! What 
my daughter has in mind is something that I am 
presently unaware of. Whatever it may be…at least I’ll 
be spending some actual time with her and my grand-
children…not to mention going…well…someplace J.

I will keep you all advised as to what this place…places…
what-ever may prove to be…when I find out! So…as it
now stands…I will be hiking it once again today. The
difference…is this time I have the breakfast ingredients
in the house…where I can prepare it myself and then
where-in a duplication of my previous walk is highly 

The only planned difference will be that I will be doing 
some shopping for some “really important” stuff that I 
need JJWho knows I may even end up with “zilch”.

Basically I’m looking for items that…well that I feel safer 
buying here in the states versus buying in Ecuador. 
Most things like clothes et al…will be acquired once I’m 
at my brother and sister-in-law (Allen and Linda) in 
upstate New York (more on this at an obvious later date).

FYI…the reason that I shy away from buying most items
in Cuenca (or for that matter…anywhere in S. America)…
Is quite simple. Even if the item may actually cost less 
and may even have the same quality (or better)…the 
chance of me being over-charged is quite high. 
Why(?)…it’s really simple…I am unequivocally...a Gringo…
specifically a non-Spanish Speaking Gringo. On top 
of that…bargaining is an “art-form”…one which by the 
way…yours truly is wholly inept!

A few moments ago…I mentioned I might end up with 
"zilch" during my walking shopping spree. To tell you 
the truth…I am shocked at how truly insightful I am 
sometimes. J 
Yep…you guessed it. I bought na-da…zilch…nothin'!

It wasn’t that I didn’t try. Topping my list was a average
priced digital camera. You know…one of the really slim
light ones that are endowed with numerous bells and
whistles. I actually found one in my cost range (the 
lower-mid-range)…however the “selected sample" 
model on “display” was [hellooo] “powerless” 
(i.e.–no batteries). What a way to run a business…
”GO TARGET”…yikes!!!!

As for the rest of my list…yeah you can see the writing
on the wall can’t ‘ye?

Basically I took a long walk...with an air-conditioned
diversion through a large store and ended up killing time.
This by the way…all is good ‘cause I was able to get cool
(this is Florida you know) and get in a few more miles of
exercise walking J

I just had to "add" this little gem…and yes it’s about...
food J

Lunchtime (at Jill's place) and what to eat…ta-dah J

Salami & Cheese on Stone-ground bread with mustard
along with Sour-cream and Green Onion Chips and…
YES!!...Garlic Pickles and Mountain Dew…HEAVEN J


More later if anything happens today. If not …then no 
more until manana…

Saturday, September 19, 2010

By the way…before I forget…I’ve simply forgotten about
the heat in South Florida. It’s somewhat humid (not
claustrophobic) but definitely hot as in hovering around

Remember…I’ve gotten somewhat used to my temps
in Ecuador which hovers between 50 and 75F degrees.

Today was no exception (it’s now late afternoon)
and currently 87F. One could probably say (with
confidence) that it feels hotter than it truly is… as the 
sun is very strong!

Besides the above…there’s nothing much to report…
with the exception of my ongoing search for a slim 
pocket camera. FYI…on purpose I left my good and 
trusty Nikon home in Ecuador mainly because of its 
bulkiness…figuring I’d pick one up in S. Florida. The 
problem turns out…not of finding one that I am 
comfortable with…but finding one that is not…purple… 
red… turquoise or any other weird color...which seems 
to be all that is available (you'd think they'd realize that 
nobody wants these beauty's).

What I’m looking for is something compact...”not” 
crazily priced…good quality with a healthy amount of 
enhancements and preferably brushed (or not) silver 
or something similar…like black! Now I ask you…
is that being too demanding?

Anyway…sadly my search was once again one of 
the “fruitless kind”! Guess I’ll just need to keep on 
searching L

Tonight the plan is for my daughter Jill and I to escape 
the kiddies (having Cayla [the oldest] baby-sit) for an 
hour or so…while we visit Bahama Breeze (mentioned 
earlier) for a light snack and “ahhhh”…relaxing tall and 
cool and…one more time…relaxing drinks…and with 
no pre-teens whining! J

That’s about all for now…
so until the next “news update”…ciao ciao J

Tuesday, September 21 thru 
Friday September 24, 2010
Raleigh, NC

Spent a couple few days with my very close friend 
Millicent and her husband Allen in Apex, N.C…which 
is a stones, throw from Raleigh/Durham. Besides 
catching up on times past and the fairly recent…I had 
the pleasure of Millicent & Allen’s company or should I 
say that they made my brief stay with them very easy 
and pleasurable.

Of course…as by now many of you have realized…
I enjoy different and interesting restaurants. This visit 
was no exception. Without my usual “foodie” revue…
I will say that all of the visited restaurants “passed” with 
flying colors and all gave me an excuse to “take-home” 
the spoils of my meal(s)…of which I enjoyed for the 
next days breakfast. Incidentally...this breakfast thing 
stems back to my former life in Thailand...where the 
main meal is breakfast (i.e. Dinnerand has proven to 
be a very good thing…health-wise!

The only thing that I can comment on that was not 
exceptional was the weather. While it was extremely 
sunny for my time in the Apex (Raleigh)…unfortunately 
it was in the midst of a mini “heat-wave”. Remember 
this is the end of September and the beginning of the 
Fall season and…the temperatures(s) are mid 90’s 
as in 95F/96F…OUCH!

Anyway…after my relaxing time with Mill and Allen...
it’s now time for the next leg of my U.S.A trip.

If your looking for me…I am now sitting in the 
Raleigh/Durham Int’l Airport awaiting my flight. This by 
the way isn’t for another hour and a half…so I’m not 
exactly partying away the time J. Fortunately…RDU 
(the airport) is a very nice…clean…and comfortable 

So mi amigos y amigas…I shall once again bring you 
up to date of my roamings…sometime in the very 
near future.

Chao (correct spelling in Ecuador) for now J

Friday, September 24 thru
Sunday September 26, 2010
Howard Beach, NY

After a comfortable and quick flight from Raleigh I 
landed at JFK to thankfully cooler weather. Once I 
gratefully claimed my lone piece of luggage I made 
contact with a local private car service (about half the 
cost of a taxi) and was whisked to my daughter Lori’s 
place about a half hour.

My visit with daughter Lori, husband Mike and grand-
kids Victoria and Justin was short…but proved to be 
an easy time including all the normal everyday stuff 
one would expect. Just for a quick first day outing...
Lori suggested we take the kids (and me) for some 
really great Ice Cream (2 x’s in 2 daysand that should 
give you a hint! The following day (Saturdaythe whole 
family (and me again) went to Justin’s Soccer practice 
and enjoyed spring like weather while the kids knocked 
themselves out J. Following this activity we all got 
back in the car (actually a really plush van) and off we 
went to play miniature golf. The difference with this 
course is that it was 18 holes instead of the usual 9.
I did pretty well at the game...but nothing to jump 
up 'n down about :)  Then…as I hinted at before 
(ahhh anticipation) it was time for another...
“Ice Cream” visit….yeah!!!! J

I didn’t really accomplish anything with my visiting 
Lori other than the important stuff like reconnecting 
with my grand-kiddies along with Lori & Mike…so it 
was a nice break from what...tends to become 
hectic vacationing.

A short sweet trip indeed but one with good memories J

Late this morning…it was time to hit the road again. 
This time Lori took me to the Short-line Bus departure 
point sans the rest of the family…like to a 7-11 shop in 
Queens. Then a quick 3 hour trip…to upstate NY and 
Allen & Linda… as in brother and sister-in-law. This will 
commence my weeklong visit with them and a part-time 
visit with my nephew Scott…starting mid-week.

So as my day draws to a close I look forward to an 
enjoyable week in the mountains of upstate NY where 
by-the-way…the Fall Foliage is just starting to make 
it’s annual appearance. If I’m lucky maybe I’ll get a few 
photos of the seasonal changes and…maybe I’ll even 
share them with you J

Later the same day (as in Sunday)…

The bus trip was indeed a “trip”.
When I boarded the bus in Queens N.Y. ...destination...
upstate N.Y. specifically Monticello…I was pleasantly 
surprised to find about three people on board. I took the 
fist "two" seats…as I decided that I didn’t need a seat 
partner…and prepared for a relaxing quick trip through 
the mountainous regions of upstate New York.

Off we went winding through the streets of Queens and 
then to the hinterlands of the northern tiers of New York 
City and beyond. Unbeknownst to me…my comfortable 
reverie was about to change as we started making 
“scheduled” stops to pick up more travelers.

It turns out that we made probably a half dozen or so 
stops while filling the bus almost to the full mark. Luckily 
I maintained my "double-front seat" un-accosted by the 
general populace. Yes…yes…I know I was selfish…
but I didn’t care. All I wanted was for the bus trip to be 
completed [in comfort] as soon as possible.

Well…the much awaited time finally arrived as we 
pulled into the terminal where I eventually found my 
onward ride to my bro ‘n sis-in-law’s place.  This ride 
came in the form of my Mom and her husband Morty. 
So after some hugs and some quick talk we where off to 
Allen & Linda place in picturesque...Swan Lake, N.Y.

Surprise surprise as there was and friends
gathering at their house which apparently had grown
beyond anyone’s expectations. This and a very
welcoming B-B-Q helped ease my arrival as I gladly
took-over the duties of lending my manny years of 
B-B-Q experience...
by flipping the chicken and hot dogs.

Monday, September 27, 2010

My first full day in the mountains of New York was a day
filled with grey skies and a hell of a lot of rain and...of
course the good company of Allen and Linda (my afore-
mentioned brother and sister-in-law). In a way the 
“staying” indoors was a good thing as it gave us all a 
chance to play “catch-up” awhile. What we were doing 
actually was awaiting the arrival of my cousin Steve and 
wife Sue too my Bro an Sis-in-laws upstate abode.

I really cannot thank Steve and Sue enough for visiting
as they are not exactly around the corner. Their 
“corner of the world” incidentally is somewhere in 
E. Northport N.Y. ...which for all who are unfamiliar with 
the greater New York area…on a good day this little trip 
can take about a 3 hours to where I am at the present 
time. Unfortunately… their trip was not on a good day. 
As I mentioned previously it’s…R-A-I-N-I-N-G [and not 
lightly]. Anyway the wet trip took Steve and Sue just 
about 4 hours.

It should be noted that although the Internet has brought 
us together via Facebook…we haven’t seen each 
other…well I’ve lost track of really how long that time 
frame has become.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Well after a “full” day of shopping…I know now…what…
“shop ‘till you drop” actually means and more importantly…
feels like!

Good God!!! 
I truly do not see nor understand…why... many women 
are sooo drawn to this act of decadence.

I did however succeed in getting most of the items that 
I had decided were important to obtain while in the states. 
It’s not because one cannot buy these items in EC but…
because of the ridiculous high costs of the same items in…
well S. America in general.

As you might imagine…after all this shopping...ones 
body needs to refuel. I can now tell you that…along with 
this urge being addressed it also took care of…a very 
long standing wanting of Chinese Food. One needs to 
understand that as near as I can recall…it has probably 
been a good 13 or 14 years since I’ve tasted NY-style 
Chinese type of food.

So...I am now fully satiated in the wanted food areas 
involving New York style Chinese Food. However…the 
restaurant wasn’t!  What????

Actually…Allen & Linda have discovered this little place 
and have been eating (notice I didn’t say dining) there 
quite regularly. OK…I’ll spill the beans J.

Believe it or not…I’m talking about a Chinese Take-out 
place which has about a dozen mundane tables and 
chairs. The food and friendliness of the owners is 
delicious and very neighborly (in that order). Mmmmmm…
I can still taste the food J
and it’s hours later J

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A day in the wilds of the Catskills!

Yes…your eyes are not 
playing tricks on you. 
I confess…that’s me (the 
kid from Brooklyn) in my 
“apple pickin’ gear’.

Incidentally the long “high-
tech plunger” lookin’ thingee 
is how you get the “really” 
high apples to detach them-
selves from their twigs… 
branches…what-ever and 
then…[hopefully] fall into the 
bucket (that’s the red 
thinkgee part) and “not”…fall 
onto the ground. This by the 
way is generally what happened to the…ahem…so called 
picked apples L

After about 2 fun-filled hours we were again off to 
parts unknown (at least to me).

The next stop was the town of New Paltz, NY which 
I confess…I didn’t know was a college town. Not 
only is it a college town but…the SUNY New Paltz 
University is geared to the “arts”. With this information…
and if you closed your eyes…you might imagine the 
dress and demeanor of some of the art students. 
To call some of the outfits “off the wall” would be an 
understatement…to say the least.

Do to the mix of college students and the historic nature 
of the city and it’s two plus century homes…along with 
beautiful weather…well it was a really nice…relaxing 
and enjoyable experience…even with the “grueling” 
and forced walking J J [joking]J J

Like all of my roamings..we took a much needed break 
to ingest some food-stuffs. The mentioned food-stuffs 
came in the form of Pizza…the likes that which…
would rival any N.Y.C. pizza joint and might…just might 
even beat some of the NY City places at their own game. 
This by the way comes from the “mouth of babes”  
(if you weren't already aware) yours truly...was born 
and raised in Brooklyn, N.Y. and I know my Pizza. 
So there!! J

After that really good pizza break it was once again 
time to continue our fun time odyssey!

From the city of New Paltz proper…and being that we 
were close…we arrived at a place high in the 
mountains…which turned out to be a spa aptly named 
Mohonk Mountain House.

The spa is located 
near the actual city 
of New Paltz, NY. 
and is surrounded 
by what one can 
only call deep 
forests. By the way…
I used the term “aptly”
do to the fact that this 
entire region…many 
moons ago…was inhabited by what were commonly known 
as “redskins”or “Injuns” by the then new-comers… 
the “white-man”!

Anyway (forgive the little history lesson) we then 
surreptitiously roamed the scenically wooded play-ground 
of the “well-heeled” clientele...that regularly visit Mohonk 
Spa (as it is commonly called). This incidentally…is enjoyed 
by what ”few” average people have experienced or for that 
matter...are even aware of.

of all the “walking” 
we were doing (after 
all I am on vacation). 
That walking “part” of 
the grounds and 
breathing the fresh…
crisp…cool scented 
air was extremely 
invigorating and 
calming at the same 

I now understand why this Spa… which has been in 
business for the past One-Hundred and Forty 
[yes…140] years…is a well-reserved focal point for the 
mid to upper crust.

From there it was back on the road and back to Allen 
and Linda retreat in the mountains…which they call home.

the “all-knowing-all seeing” weatherman (hmmm) is 
calling for heavy rains…all day! Time (as always) will 
tell and I will be sure to keep you all informed…as I know…
you are all awaiting this news with baited breath. J

Adios for now…

You'll probably notice that some of the type
alignment is "out-of-whack". This is do to the fact that
well...I've thrown-up my hands in trying to outwit the
program ( that's possible). Hopefully...
this won't affect your enjoyment.

More to come in the very near future!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Trip to the U.S. of A.

In starting my U.S.A. trip…
I left Cuenca for Guayaquil Airport a bit before 5 p.m. 
for a 7 pm flight. So…after a fairly decent longish waiting 
period…it was time to board my flight which was to take 
an astonishing amount of time…like all of about 40 
minutes. After landing in Guayaquil…I got my bag in 
about 10 minutes and proceeded to wait.

My flight on Avianca to Ft Lauderdale via Bogota is at 
6:10 am manana. The airline counter opens at 3 a.m.
so yes…I have a bit of a wait.

It’s now about 9:15 pm and there are…a fairly decent 
amount of people just hanging around. Included in this 
group are a few little kids that are being their 
rambunctious selves…hopefully they will board soon…
even so I still…after 4 months in Ecuador can’t get over 
the good behavior of these “little” kids (probably around 
age 8-10).

Now…for the food and beverage report.
Remember…I’m in an Airport!

I actually did not intend to “snack” as much as I did. 
However…the coffee shop (as is the entire airport) is 
modern…clean and people friendly. Back to the “snack”! 
A large…fresh ground coffee…a large Empanada 
(always good but surprisingly good for an airport)…
a bottle of water and a large cookie to top it all off.
Cuanta Costa (how much)?  Keeping in mind I’m in an 
Airport…8 bucks.

I’m guessing here but I have a feeling that just the large 
coffee (with nowhere near the same “fresh roasted” 
qualityand large cookie…would probably set me back 
the same in total or morein the confines of JFK or for 
that matter…just about any airport in the U.S.

So…now I sit and wait for the next five (5) and half hours 
until the Avianca desk opens for business. BTW…this 
is why I ordered a large coffee…as in to keep me awake 
the whole night…YIKES!!!

That’s about it for now. What am I going to do for the 
next five plus hours? Well…I intend to read my book(s) 
[bought a new one just for this trip]…walk around and 
maybe doze off a bit. To be sure I will keep you in the 
loop! J

OK…leg #2 of my trip to the U.S. is done as I am now 
sitting in the departure terminal in Bogota, Columbia.

Comparison note re: security…

Guayquil was an absolute breeze. Yes they X-rayed 
etc. but nothing over the top. I did however...become 
separated on a "permanent basis" of a small finger- 
nail scissor…which I guess their security deemed 
excessive …ARRRRG!!!!

The BIGGY was in leaving “emigration” (correct S.A. 
spellingas that took some time. They were very thorough 
via their computer and document checking. I don’t know…
maybe the security guy got confused what with my U.S. 
passport and my Ecuadorian Cedula and Censo 
(it turned out that they wanted the Censo which for some 
reason they deemed more “importante)!

Bogota was a whole ‘nother story as I ended up going 
through Full Security…3 separate times. Thankfully I 
wasn’t carrying anything dangerous such as food 
‘cause the security-dogs would have surely found 
that stash J.

Anyway…I’m now sitting (again) and awaiting the 
boarding of my Ft. Lauderdale leg of my trip. BTW…No 
I did not sleep at all since I left Cuanca. I was up from 
7 a.m. Monday thru…well it’s now Tuesday and almost 
9 a.m. I did however sleep a bit (not much) on the flight 
from Cuenca to Bogota!

Looking back…my Bogota to Ft Lauderdale flight was 
very nice. I also had an amicable woman sitting next to 
me who was from Bogota but now lives in W. Palm 
Beach Fl. Anyway having Nancy (her name) as an 
in-flight neighbor helped the 3+ hours flying time move 
quickly. This acquaintancee…also helped me after we 
were done with the [ever popular] act of clearing Customs 
and getting out of the International Arrivals area of the 

Now you may be wondering…”what’s he talking about”! 

Well…as it turned out S. Florida welcomed our plane 
(and many others) with a real honest to goodness 
healthy rainfall. Of course there was no way to tell 
this was going on until we were all done with customs…
baggage claim…etc and were out amongst the masses 
trying to meet they’re friends/family (whomever) who 
were trying to pick them in the International Arrivals area.

You see…my friend Donna had the “honor“ J of picking 
me up. Of course this being S. Florida…a place mind 
you that…when it rains…no matter how inconsequential 
or severe…general driving...along with its speeds 
“go right down the tubes”!

Anyway…and keeping in mind that the one cell phone 
I have...that will work in the states…didn’t! 
Ye gotta love it!

All of this was do to the fact..the phone is the “pre-paid” 
type which unfortunately did not have any “time” 
remaining. Fortunately however…my “plane” friend 
was also waiting for her husband who thankfully had  
a his phone with him and thusly I was able to finally get 
in touch with Donna who…surprise surprise…was 
slowed by the “rain caused” traffic. To make a long(ish) 
story shorter…Donna (like the vision she is) appeared 
at the airport pick-up point and off we went...
to places unknown J.

Places unknown…along with not eating anything 
normal in the last 20 or so hours…led us to a 
watering-hole…as in someplace where yours truly 
could absorb food and atmosphere unknown in 
Cuenca. Place “in-point” (this time) turned out to 
be Two-Jays Delicatessen.

Now before I go on…it should be said that one of 
my goals on trips to the U.S. …is to eat in places 
and eat foods…that cannot be gotten in Ecuador 
or at the very least…known dishes that are 
unfortunately… not prepared as they should be 
(well not as I remember them anyway).

Back to my event recounting…

Funny but the foods remembered and now consumed…
for some reason are not those that are expected.
The Combo Corned-beef and Pastrami on Club was 
OK…but as Two Jays…no longer offered a Club 
(Hoagie for those of you not from the East coast
Sandwich anymore…well it was just not the same! 
With the “unClub” came French Fries and I ordered 
a Dr. Browns’ Cream Soda. Now...this unfortunately 
arrived in its metal container (can)…instead of the 
“bottle” it should have came in! 
So once again…not the same nor as goodL.

Anyway…after consuming my first meal in the likes of 
S. Florida…we continued our trip to my daughter Jills’ 
place of business. She by-the-way…is in charge of a 
good sized pre-school in Weston. Once there Jill gave 
Donna (they had never met until this point) the Grand 
Tour of the facility…and Donna left to get on with her 
daily life (more on Donna later in my daily musings).

It was then time to finally get to Jill’s apartment…
decompress a bit…spend some time with my grandkids…
and finally to some REAL and needed sleep.

So until manana J

Wednesday, 15 September

Woke up at an “unheard of” hour (for me anyway)…
10:30 a.m. This by the way only happened because 
Donna called and became my alarm clock this morning.

Now I know what “roughing it” means J

I had a “scrumptious“ breakfast of a much needed mug 
of coffee and something just a wee-bit different…
((what pray-tell is he talking about now))…a “left-over 
piece of pizza” and for desert (the best part)…
a Krispy Cream Iced Donut…WOW!

So…once again I await the arrival of Donna whom 
is really helping me out…in just getting around and 
doing stuff. I want the world to know this…as it is 
taking Donna probably 45-60 minutes (una via)
[1-way]) to get to me and then what-ever…so I 
REALLY appreciate what she’s doing. That said 
Donna and I never connected on my last trip to 
S. Fl so I guess we are both making up for that too!

Anyway I will report on the days’ events…yet to come 
later today or manana J

OK…I’m back…its still Wednesday but late. Anyway…
Donna and I did a little catching up and eventually 
got out to do a bit of exploring as neither of us new 
the area. Eventually…we (actually me) decided it 
was time to stifle the “beast in the belly”…so off we 
went and luckily found a place called Bahama Breeze.

As you might be able to guess from the name…
the restaurant offered a variety of dishes but…
with a decidedly different and wonderful twist to their 
“foods with a flair”. Can you tell I was impressed? J.
The only down side was the prices…which to 
someone like myself i.e. Expat…were quite high 
when compared to what I am now used to in Ecuador. 
Yes…yes…I know I’m not in Ecuador but “back in the 
U.S.A.”. That however doesn’t mean I can’t complain. 
After all this is my Blog! J

It was now getting a wee bit late…as Donna had to get 
back to her life. So we made just one more stop at 
Walgreens to pick up a few items etc. Upon entering 
the store…I literally forgot the amount of items 
one store can carry. It almost blew my mind! Yes…
Cuenca has large stores that carry similar items as 
Walgreens…CVS… Walmart etc…but nothing on 
this shear scale of sellable goods.

At this point we needed to make haste…so Donna 
dropped me back at Jill’s abode and off she went.

Tomorrow…I had planned to do a bit of reminiscent 
exploring of the old neighborhood after shopping for 
my Western Boots (this has been a long planned item
and then a quick meeting with my cousin Bonnie at 
her Mom’s place in Lauderdale Lakes. That’s when 
the BRAKES were applied as Jill told me she needed 
her car for work etc. So…all plans now need to be 
changed…cancelled or I’ll see what happens.

Anyway…this leaves me with a chance to do a little 
morning walk on the way for some breakfast and also 
explore the immediate area. After this it’s back to the 
Jill’s apartment complex…access the Internet via free 
wi-fi at the Sales Office/Pool area and yep…as you 
might have guessed…after my internet session…
make use of the pool…YES! J

And now mi amigos…it’s time to make a few calls…
chill…and do a bit of reading and then off to dreamland J

Thursday, 16 September

“FOOTLOOSE”…which is how I’m describing my current 
situation as in “not” having any wheels.

This wouldn’t have been a problem in that I would have 
been using my daughter Jill’s car for the day. However 
her work plans changed thus so did mine. In a way this 
was good as this a.m. I needed to acquire some 
breakfast. So…off I went (on foot) once again in search 
of food.

I had two choices…go “this way” or “that way”.
I chose “this way” which was the closest but unfortunately 
yielded absolutely nothing. That left “that way”…as in the 
only other choice in which I actually found my target…
which in this case was a Bagel Store.

Now for those of you that have never had the opportunity 
to indulge oneself at an East coast Bagel establishment…
they offer quite a wide variety of foods from breakfasts 
and lunch. FYI…most of these shops are closed mid 
to late afternoon!

I must say this however…I have been in the states for 
3 days now…have eaten in a few restaurants and 
noticed a higher dining cost than what I’ve become 
accustomed too…since living “outside” the U.S. This 
said…this mornings breakfast was “an extremely rude 
awakening” for me…one in which the only way I can 
truly express myself is to say that I’m suffering 
“Sticker Shock”!

To give you an idea…Coffee…a plate of two eggs...
home fries...corned-beef hash and a bagel. Cost…
incl. tax and tip…$11.00… OUCH! God forbid if I 
added juice (I shudder to just think of that)!
I will say this though…as definitely enjoyed the 
“consumption” part of my breakfast ordeal J

Now to give those of you who are Expats a better 
feel for the cost difference…the above cost 
represents minimally…2 times the higher priced 
breakfast (in Cuenca) or up to 5 (yes you read right…
FIVEtimes the cost of an average breakfast 
(again Cuenca). Incidentally…for those of you who 
are not aware of Cuenca’s cost of living rating…
Cuenca is situated as part of the “upper” 
cost of living structure!

OK...enough of economics and back to S. Florida…

Being that I’m wheel-less…I’m off to the pool area to 
make use of the complexes free wi-fi…catch up on 
e-mail etc…then maybe a bit of experiencing the 
pool itself and well…just enjoying Florida’s 
warming sun J.""""NOT""" 

Apparently...Mr. Sun decided to take a short vacation 
and invited his relatives (The Clouds) to take it's place.
(It's amazing how plans even simple ones...change).

So...I did a bit more walking to get some snacks 
(this time I took the shorter walk). I'm figuring that I 
probably walked a good six (6) miles today. 
BTW...I'm not complaining...just stating a fact!

So until mananas adventures…ciao for now J